Our Home On Wheels

Here are a few pictures of our homes on wheels!

This fifth wheel (a towable trailer that hooks into the bed of our truck, aka Lucky Buddha) has one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. All packed into 26.5 foot of liveable space (a total of 30 foot from front to back). 

We didn't want more than 30 foot for many reasons... We tend to prefer state parks (and the last 2 months have been proof of that) as they tend to be easier to navigate with a smaller RV. A smaller home also means a more reasonably priced tow vehicle. 

It is super easy to clean up : in less than 20 minutes, the floors are moped, the carpet vacuumed, surfaces dusted and the bathroom cleaned. 

Here she is, in all her beauty. Sorry for the mess, but I didn't want to show the RV perfectly clean and tidied up. The day I took these pictures, it was laundry and cooking day, just like in any home! 

We love our CaRavan! 

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