About us

Hi there!
We are Rob & Chantal, a Canadian couple who decided to ditch the city and start exploring North America.
We love to travel and we want to discover what we are made of.  We were both aching for something else than the 9 to 5 to pay a mortgage and bills while waiting for our 2-3 weeks vacation. So we took a leap of (calculated) faith, sold the house and some stuff, packed the rest and left. 
Follow us on our adventures and see you on the road!

Our mission

Find a better purpose, be debt free, explore our country, learn new things, push our boundaries, follow our passions and think outside the box.

About Chantal

Photographer, wannabe writer, coffee addict, wine and cheese lover. I'm also a translator, early riser, thinker, planner and the number cruncher. Rob says I love Doritos! He's right. :-)

About Robert

​Writer, filmmaker, tennis enthusiast, Habs fan, barista and coffee addict, late riser, philosopher, moviegoer, slave to chocolate and whipped cream, learning French at a snail's pace, and potato chip cruncher.

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