Saturday, February 2, 2019

January 2019 Expenses

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have shared our expenses. Since we ditched on Sept 29, 2016, I keep track of all the money coming out of our pockets. That allows me to know how much money we need to fund our simplified lives. Remember, we ditched regular jobs and a mortgage to live simpler and to travel while being digital nomads (freelance translator & writer are what we do now). 

I should point out that many RVers publish their expenses and show amounts of $1,000 per month for 2 people. Either these people don't eat and don't need fuel (they live in an RV, they don't necessarily travel with it)... or they are leaving out numbers. In our case, our tracked expenses include everything, which might be very different from you or other people. We include all insurances, health/dental expenses, storage and truck payments.

January 2019 Expenses
(all amounts below in Canadian dollars). 

Total expenses for 2 people: $2,264.73
Per day: $73.06
Kilometers driven this month: 809 km
Mileage on truck: 15.3 L / 100 km
     * We purchased a skylight to replace the one we broke on the RV
     * We purchased more groceries than usual to try a plant-based diet
     * Fuel is cheap in Eastern Ontario, approx 89 cents per liter! No complaints here :-)

Truck payment  $     658.06
Fuel  $     168.30
Groceries  $     480.89
Non-Food Groceries Items  $               -  
Campgrounds & Memberships  $        17.64
Home storage  $     146.90
Misc & Gifts  $     107.96
RV/Truck repairs & maintenance  $     150.71
Truck & RV insurance, life insurance  $     202.81
Entertainment & Attractions  $        13.99
Restaurants  $     184.61
Medical & Dental  $               -  
Clothing & Shoes  $        24.29
Internet & Cell phones  $     108.57
Souvenirs  $               -  
Propane  $               -  

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