Friday, December 14, 2018

Canadian Road Trip, Part 2

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So, we are now back in Ontario, in Thunder Bay more precisely. We are barely at the tip of Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes that I haven't seen yet. "Superior by Nature" is its catch phrase and we know why now! It is h-u-g-e and the views from the road from Thunder Bay are pretty impressive.  Even though the weather was blah and the light was flat, we still had some beautiful views and the sun occasionally came out to light up the horizon.

We knew there was a little bit of exploration to be done, and quite frankly at that point in our journey, we were aching for some outdoor time and walking. So we decided to stay 3 nights in Thunder Bay. Our friends Jilles & Mitch recommended us Kakabeka Falls and the Terry Fox monument, so it was on our list. We also wanted to see a bit of downtown Thunder Bay.

Kakabeka Falls is a stunning waterfall, the second highest in Canada after Niagara Falls. It is also in the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, so while we were there, we tried to gain access by foot to the park's campground, but alas no luck for us. We might attempt a camping trip one of these days!

Kakabeka Falls from a couple of view points

The Terry Fox monument, right on the TCH, is a very simple and humble monument honoring the memory of Terry Fox. While in Thunder Bay, we also set off to Mission Island Marsh, hoping to see some birds and animals. It also has a nice boardwalk that offers a nice view point into Lake Superior (actually, the bay of Thunder Bay).

Trail/boardwalk into the bay of Thunder Bay ~ Driftwood on beach ~ Merganser ~ Terry Fox monument

Downtown Thunder Bay was pretty quiet, as we had expected during this cold and wet autumn. We were also looking forward for coffee and a night out at a restaurant. We chose Prospector Steakhouse, which did not disappoint and was fairly reasonable in terms of pricing. Of course, we sat at the bar first and ordered a cold brew of their own beers!

The next day, we were hoping to catch the sunrise over at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, so we got up early. It was another day of cold and clouds though, so we settled for a morning walk and hike instead of the rising sun. The trails were not very well maintained, which I suppose is due to the park being in off season. But still... We saw a few deer and plenty of mushrooms!

Not very well maintained trail into the provincial park! ~ Prospector brews ~ Mushrooms! ~ Deer out feeding early morning ~ Sleeping Giant ~ Walking trail

That is it for part 2. Next time, we will be in Wawa and Sudbury before entering the Toronto area.

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Chantal & Rob