Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Road Shall Never End

(written by Rob Williams)

Two years doesn't seem like much. In the grand scheme of things, it is merely the blink of an eye for a life lived. But two years can also be the adventure of a lifetime. Instead of a unit of measure, the past two years has been for us an experience like no other, one that began with an exodus on one road and has evolved into a mind bending journey that today offers many roads, each one with its own spectacle waiting for us. We started out on a quest for discovery and a change of pace; today, we stand surrounded by opportunity, fulfillment, and ever expanding horizons.

The modern RV lifestyle has been described in so many ways by so many people in so many lands all over the world for almost a hundred years, harkening back to many hundreds - even thousands - of years before that, to a time when humans migrated in order to understand themselves and the changing landscape around them. To be mobile is to live, learn and travel all in the same breath. And so it has been for Chantal and myself and our Jayco Eagle that we have named Caravan, and our soul searching expedition across this continent has echoed all of these sentiments; tempting our fates, testing our limits, challenging our beliefs, and daring us to face our fears to embrace a much larger universe.

Taking to the road - many roads - has turned us into tourists, desert rats, star gazers, farm workers, photographers, bird watchers, storm chasers, and wildlife followers. We have witnessed and explored and encountered more than we ever had thought possible, and luck - along with good fortune and the company of so many wonderful people - has been on our side every step of the way. We have been asked many times what has been our favourite place during our travels, but there is really no way to answer that. Everywhere we have gone has offered a unique challenge, an intriguing culture, an unforgettable experience, and an enduring wisdom.

Even in this photo saturated digital age, there are not enough pictures in the world to full capture the mesmerizing magic and allure of the RV lifestyle. But, even so, we would like to share with you a collage of key images that will help to trace the timeline of our incredible adventure, whose end to this day still remains uncertain. That, we believe, is the greatest advantage of mobile living: the road never has to end.

Top Row: River Camping ~ Proud RVers ~ Canoe Ride ~ Vermont
Middle: We started here in Kingston ON Sept 29, 2016
Bottom Row: Winery Camping ~ Christmas On The Beach ~ Florida ~ Fort Wilderness @ Disney 
Top Row: Everglades ~ Site with a View ~ We Love Waterfalls ~ We Love Big Spaces!
Middle: The Grand Canyon
Bottom Row: Desert Sunset ~ Desert Camping ~ Beach Camping ~ Winter Camping! 

Our warmest heartfelt thanks to all those who followed us, encouraged us, laughed with us, and believed in us along the way. Without you, we would not have gotten this far.

Chantal & Rob


  1. Gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful journey you have experienced. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Wow ! 2 years, What an adventure! Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings! Keep it coming.


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