Friday, September 1, 2017

We Simplified Our Blog!

Welcome to our other blog platform. After a few months of working on the other blog, I (Chantal) grew a bit disappointed with the lack of customization with Wix.

We want our followers to be able to comment directly in a post. Here, you can. 😊

We want to be able to insert emoticons and images easily. Here, we can. 😊

We also want to be able to change our background, or the look of the blog, whenever we want. Here, we can. 😊

These simple tasks should be easy, right? Well, they were anything but easy in Wix. So from now on, you will be able to follow us here. I started this blog prior to our departure and somehow thought that Wix would look more "professional" *insert eye roll*.  The few posts that I wrote are grouped together on one page ( You can read them if you have a few hours to kill!

We encourage you to comment at the bottom of our posts. Everyone can do so! We are looking forward to more interaction with you. You don't need to create an account and it's very simple.

Also, please enter your email address up above, on the right side, so you can receive our new posts directly into your mailbox!  ↗↗↗

Thank you for reading,

Chantal & Rob


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    1. Hi David! The site we now use is the one you see here - a Google product called Blogger. Much better, in my opinion :)


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