Saturday, September 23, 2017

Testing Our Boondocking Capabilities... at the Campground

Hey folks!

One thing is certain: we don't care for appearances! Up till recently, we were at a full hookups campground (water, electric and sewage) and... we unplugged, filled up our fresh water tank, took out the solar panel, turned on the water pump, the propane water heater and installed our solar shower bag out in the sun. No, don't worry, we weren't showering outside in the nude. I mean, really.... We're not *that* crazy! 😌

You see, we are testing our systems to make sure everything works. Our CaRavan is still under warranty until May 2018 and we'd be crazy not to use it to its full potential! During our first leg of our trip down the southeast, we were able to have warranty work done for free on 2 occasions. Can't beat that!

I am happy to report that the 2 new golf cart batteries are charging with solar but most importantly, are capable of holding their charge for much longer than the original 12V battery! Also, we kept the original battery and we have plans for that little guy. We charged it via solar and it works. So we are keeping an eye out for a deal on a 1000 watts pure sine inverter. Plugging this to the 12V battery will allow us to run the TV or the coffee maker. That way, we don't use our RV (house) batteries for non-critical stuff.

Wait.... am I saying that coffee is non-critical? Of course not. 😃 Those who know us know about our coffee addiction!! We have many ways to make coffee in the wild - including this Aeropress that we love. There's no way I am going without coffee. 😏

Also, we are happy that our water pump is working great (gotta love the water pressure of a water pump vs the campground water pressure!). Also working great is our propane water heater and our fridge on propane.

We are good to go off the grid whenever we find the occasion for it!

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  1. Anyone has Southwestern destinations not to be missed out on? Let us know here in the comments section!


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