Tuesday, May 31, 2016

First trip report: we did it! - part 2

We slept so well that first night!

It was pitch dark at the campground, which is something we are not used to, living in a city! I might have woken up once or twice at the sound of the security patrol car driving by.

Time to test our systems

We woke up to a cold Buddha, since the temperatures dropped during the night to approximately 5C! Time to test the furnace. Youppi we have heat :)  I feel bad for the people who are sleeping in tents... then again, I'm quite content with glamping at the moment! Coffee and breakfast hit the spot and we are ready to carry on with our day.

All systems are working well. We have not hooked up to our sewer yet. Quite frankly, a sewer hose snaking around the ground is not appealing to me and also, it prevents tripping over it for some clumsy folks!

Water heater works well, so do the shower, sinks, etc. Although towards the last part of our stay, we discovered that we have a small leak at the hot water line in the bathroom. We tightened it by hand but still ongoing. At the next trip, one of us (likely Chantal, since she's more flexible and smaller) will have to slide under and check if the gasket is well placed. I might as well use some good old teflon tape on the threads too.

If that does not work, it'll be up to our dealer to deal with it, along a few things that got overlooked at the pre-delivery inspection (which was not done, in my honest opinion) and will be covered under warranty. Not using the hot water in the bathroom is not a big deal. We'll survive for a couple of outings, I am sure. ;)

Is it time to leave already?

Come Monday morning, we are totally relaxed into our spot and new lifestyle. Then comes the local hydro crew, right at our site, to replace a few posts. Seriously? Of all the posts in that big campground, they had to replace the ones around us?

Nevertheless, we got breakfast done, went for a bike ride (seems it'll be a daily event for us, which is awesome!) and started to think about dumping our tanks and packing up our items. Guess who was dragging their feet, eh? Yes, we were not happy campers at the prospect of leaving this place.

A campground rep came over to talk to us, and even offered us a couple of extra nights free of charge for the trouble caused by the hydro work being done. Oh man... yes we'd love to, but no thank you. :(
Because the work around us was in full swing, including digging a few trenches, they moved our fifth wheel to a secure road that allowed us to hitch and go easily.

I cannot thank enough the staff at the Campers Cove campground - everyone was great to talk to, helpful and friendly. From the ladies at the front office, to the workers who helped us and to the campground owners who paid a visit and wanted to know how we heard about them.

Tanks emptied (and we discovered we have a leaky grey water tank valve), it was time to hitch and depart. An uneventful ride home, followed by a rough back into storage (gosh hope we'll get better at this!), concluded our first adventure into the world of RV'ing.

Till next year, Point Pelee!

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