Thursday, May 26, 2016

First trip report: we did it! - part 1

What a first day this was!

Demo and hitch install

We were up early to finish packing the truck (how is it that we own so much stuff!?!). It was a pleasant drive out of town (it is always pleasant to drive out of town!) to get to our RV dealer for the fifth wheel "demo" and hitch installation. That was a 3 hour process which we had planned for, so to make it out of there at lunch time was expected. When I say "demo", yeah we had a tour of the unit and learned the basic stuff. However there was a lot of unexplained things that, in retrospect, doesn't impress us at all. Thanks to the online channels I follow on You Tube, I had learned quite a bit already (without the practice part). We learned a few things with the demo guy, but not impressed. Anyhoo...

Off we go!

I drove our Lucky Buddha out of the RV dealer lot - a privilege that was granted to me as, I suppose, a reward for finding our unit and all the research I put him through!!!

It was an easy drive to Wheatley ON. We stopped halfway there so we could 1) have lunch and 2) switch drivers. We had chosen a campground outside of Point Pelee that looked nice and well appointed for newbies. Campers Cove is a nice campground that has helpful staff and very pleasant seasonal people. We would go there again!

It didn't go without a hitch (pun intended)

We had a few unhitching problems, thanks to unleveled grounds. We also learned that "bumping the pin" helped disengage the hitch lever. Next was de-winterizing our unit (again, why wasn't this done at the RV dealer?). After a bit of head scratching to figure out the right valves' configuration for the water heater, we had it done! The water pump worked well, so did the water heater, so we switched it to city water since we had full hookups, only to realize there was no water coming through our plumbing! Not a big deal, we figured out soon after that we had forgotten to turn the valve back on at the pedestal. Oops. ;)

Settling in, finally!

By then, it was time for Rob to start a campfire. He loves doing that! We opened up a small bottle of bubbly we had brought for the occasion. I then proceeded to cook a pizza in our RV oven and devoured it quickly with 2 beers around the fire. We slept well that evening!

More to come.

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