Monday, December 21, 2015

We found our floorplan... again!

Since finding "the one", a lot has happened. The Canadian dollar hasn't gotten any better. The unit we wanted was suddenly $11,000 more than what we saw at the show. That is whole lot of dough!! Sure, we could just splurge and get it, considering that we are paying down the unit once we sell our house. But seriously...

It was back to the search madness once again!

We visited a few used units. Yes, big savings. But at what costs? We are newbies and I am not sure troubles down the road will make us happy campers!

Then I found a year-end unit clearance. The brand I had been looking at when I initially started searching. It is wired for solar (portable only), no kitchen island, but it is under 30 feet, has a nice warm and cottage feel to it, and it is new!!!! We are happy with the unit and the price, no buyer's remorse! We cannot wait to pick it up in the spring. :-)

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