Thursday, November 19, 2015

And we found a truck!

Wait, scratch that...

We bought a truck.


Since we want to be camping and trying the lifestyle in our hometown before our big departure, we knew we had to purchase something. We are committed to buying an ultra lite fifth wheel (less stuff to store, less storage bays, less hoarding, etc.). I got a good discount thanks to my employer. I got 0% interest. We are happy. :)

Now we just have to order our fifth wheel. Would be nice if the Canadian dollar would cooperate! Our strategy is to 1) keep looking for a used unit and 2) if option 1 doesn't work, bite the bullet and hope for a good deal at the RV show early spring. Our RV dealer said to wait till then for a better price and rate.

For that, I am willing to be patient. Besides, we are only starting when the snow melts and overnight temperatures are tolerable! (in case you wonder, here in eastern Canada that would be May-June period...)

It will be a long winter. :)