Monday, December 21, 2015

We found our floorplan... again!

Since finding "the one", a lot has happened. The Canadian dollar hasn't gotten any better. The unit we wanted was suddenly $11,000 more than what we saw at the show. That is whole lot of dough!! Sure, we could just splurge and get it, considering that we are paying down the unit once we sell our house. But seriously...

It was back to the search madness once again!

We visited a few used units. Yes, big savings. But at what costs? We are newbies and I am not sure troubles down the road will make us happy campers!

Then I found a year-end unit clearance. The brand I had been looking at when I initially started searching. It is wired for solar (portable only), no kitchen island, but it is under 30 feet, has a nice warm and cottage feel to it, and it is new!!!! We are happy with the unit and the price, no buyer's remorse! We cannot wait to pick it up in the spring. :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

And we found a truck!

Wait, scratch that...

We bought a truck.


Since we want to be camping and trying the lifestyle in our hometown before our big departure, we knew we had to purchase something. We are committed to buying an ultra lite fifth wheel (less stuff to store, less storage bays, less hoarding, etc.). I got a good discount thanks to my employer. I got 0% interest. We are happy. :)

Now we just have to order our fifth wheel. Would be nice if the Canadian dollar would cooperate! Our strategy is to 1) keep looking for a used unit and 2) if option 1 doesn't work, bite the bullet and hope for a good deal at the RV show early spring. Our RV dealer said to wait till then for a better price and rate.

For that, I am willing to be patient. Besides, we are only starting when the snow melts and overnight temperatures are tolerable! (in case you wonder, here in eastern Canada that would be May-June period...)

It will be a long winter. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

We found our floorplan!

Major breakthrough: we found our floorplan.

After attending yet another RV show, on the last day and at the last hour... we were sitting down in a solar ready and short fifth wheel, that had most of what we wanted: reasonable length (32 foot from pin to bumper), a kitchen island, table & chairs in a good size kitchen, an entertainment center in the slide-out, a walk-around bed and a good size shower.

We were sitting down at the table and looked at each other and said "that's the one?!?".

It is a new unit, which means we'll be hit with depreciation. However, I believe that with a solar ready unit, it is better to absorb the blow of depreciation than face the costs and headaches of wiring a used unit for solar.

Awesome relief. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More plans than our heads can handle!

Well, it's time for an update.


The RVing trip

We are still pretty much gung-oh on the RV trip. In the last year (time flies!), we must have discussed 10 different ways to timeline our new life. However, we will be sticking with the first idea, which is a spring 2017 departure.

No point in rushing things... the way we see it, even though we say "go" right now, the house needs purging before being sold, we need to make that Italy trip happen and we need to save money. It's a catch-22... either we spend money now or spend it later. Meh.

Different options we entertained:

  • Selling now
  • RVing in the fall
  • RVing next year
  • Renting an apartment in town
  • Renting an apartment out of town
  • Buying a small house
  • Buying a condo and rent it out
All of these, combined together or not, in multiple ways or on its own. At the end of the day, no wonder why my head is spinning. ;)

The debtload 

One major advantage of wanting to sell our house is to pay off the mortgage and buy something smaller but comfy in a more peaceful setting. No mortgage, no noise, just peace and quiet without the burden of a mortgage.

What I find appealing in that choice is that we hopefully will be able to reduce the numbers of hours we need to work. No longer do I want to work a certain amount of hours to meet a mortgage and utilities payment. I want the chance to work less and live more, knowing that our house is paid for and minimalist in its operating costs. 

The work situation

I am bored and unchallenged. I sit at a desk 40 hours a week. His situation is different since he works in retail. I want to work for myself and have enrolled in a translation course. I already have a few clients! 

Hopefully down the road, I can be my own boss and be good with a 20-hour work week.


I know it's not as easy as it sounds. 20 hours a week might not generate enough money to sustain our lifestyle, or to pay for gas, food, etc. We can then adjust. But I believe that the freedom that comes with being debtless cannot have a price on it.  And I want it.