Friday, September 19, 2014



This is the mandatory introduction post. :)

A couple of months ago, I started looking into downsizing after seeing a post somewhere on the internet about tiny house living. Then we went camping in a cabin.

Then we got hooked.

Less space, less maintenance, more free time, less "have to work to pay for a mortgage", etc. You get the idea.

What do we need to be comfortable? How much do you need to get through a month? Do we need all this stuff?

So I started browsing the internet. Then the ideas started popping in.

Oh the danger of that!

Then I mentioned the idea of downsizing and travelling. We both love the outdoors, we love to travel and have no children or obligations at the moment. We are both stuck at jobs we don't like.

I'm envisioning...
- Selling or giving what we don't need
- Keep what we must have
- Sell the house for a profit
- Pay off mortgage and any other debts
- Buy a RV
- Hit the road!