Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our first RV show!

Oh. My. God.

No wonder we were so exhausted after spending 6 hours looking at motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheels! What an amazing display of all sorts of brand spanking new shiny houses.

We loved it!

And we realized, not too far after, that we had been mesmerized and seriously biased by all the bells and whistles. After cutting out what it was we didn't need, we ended up "shortlisting" 3-4 units that we absolutely thought would fit our needs.

We know we need to let this sink in, brew, decant, whatever. There are *so* many models, floor plans, options, brands, etc. How do you decide this is the one?

I made a list of "must haves" and "nice to haves" - we were told (and now believe it firmly) that the floor plan is the most important thing. Compared to a house, where location is key, the travel house has to have a floor plan that pleases us.

We are keeping our eyes open for a fifth wheel floor plan that will allow us enough space, but yet be drivable for us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Plans are starting to shape up

Almost a month later, and we still are very much interested in this change of lifestyle.

I'm a planner by profession and it reflects in my personal life. I rarely do stuff on impulse and this is still reflected here. My mortgage is up for renewal in 2017. This should be our move in date, in my honest opinion. However, who knows what could happen between now and then. We might decide to do this sooner! But for reference and objectives, I am targeting March 2017.

That's 2 years to pay off some debts, to put money aside and to start purging what it is we aren't using.

I don't plan on getting rid of everything, since there could be the possibility of us wanting to move back into a more conventional housing (likely an apartment). We will store some belongings in a rental storage space, including a few couches, a mattress, bed frame and headboard, art work, etc.

There is a RV show coming soon to our area and we have plans to attend. We will be mock living in each unit we find interesting. We hope to strike some conversations with a lot of folks that are experienced RVers and can provide tips and tricks.

I have spent a week in a travel trailer in my younger days and loved it. He hasn't set foot in any of them, so he will be the deciding factor in this new adventure (no pressure, sweetie!).

I have definitely outgrown my job and I am yearning for a change. I started a certification in translation so I can freelance and be my own awesome boss. This would be a great way of doing what I love, reconnecting with my roots and having more time for other things.

Friday, September 19, 2014



This is the mandatory introduction post. :)

A couple of months ago, I started looking into downsizing after seeing a post somewhere on the internet about tiny house living. Then we went camping in a cabin.

Then we got hooked.

Less space, less maintenance, more free time, less "have to work to pay for a mortgage", etc. You get the idea.

What do we need to be comfortable? How much do you need to get through a month? Do we need all this stuff?

So I started browsing the internet. Then the ideas started popping in.

Oh the danger of that!

Then I mentioned the idea of downsizing and travelling. We both love the outdoors, we love to travel and have no children or obligations at the moment. We are both stuck at jobs we don't like.

I'm envisioning...
- Selling or giving what we don't need
- Keep what we must have
- Sell the house for a profit
- Pay off mortgage and any other debts
- Buy a RV
- Hit the road!